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Circuit Specialists, Inc. Circuit Specialists sells thousands of transformers and variacs.
Ham Directory A searchable index of ham related sites Excellent Browser Toolbar for Ham Radio & SWL listening Worldwide HAM Radio QSL Website Crystal scanner collector, thanks for letting me use some of the images Virtual radio museum and antique radio catalog, maintained by more than 8,000 members. Some images on have been generously donated by the RadioMuseum. Antique radio museum on the web Martin Boesch's site covering many commercial, amateur and military sets.
The DXZone Amateur Radio Resource Guide The world wide radio forum. @Moleculo: thanks for letting me use the FTM-350 images. Lots of Yaesu info by DK3HV, who also donated many images to this site. Thanks!

Green / military radio Site mainly focussed on Swiss military radio equipment. Excellent source of information about military radios

Regional Dutch ham forum

Personal sites

K6JCA Thanks for Heathkit MT-1 image (and some others).
LA5KI Thanks for letting me use some images.
N4TRB Thanks for letting me use many great boat anchor images.
OH5FAD Thanks for letting me use the NEC images.

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