Cobra 200 GTL DX reviews

Cobra 200 GTL DX
Mobile CB / 10m Transceiver

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Good rig for Hams who wants to work @ ten ...


Hi, i own this big CB looking rig. Inside it is something like Icom quality ... SMD parts everywhere. Functions are okay for normal working. Of course PBT, IF Shift and other filtergear is not there, no problem with it.

A query at Google generates a lot of negative blogs and articles about this rig ... that is quit normal when you realize that all these rigs are modified for use at the illegal 11 meterband.

This radio is not made for 11 meter ... the inner parts are optimal tuned in for 10 meters and thats it. This rig also has no PA function!!

I am happy with this Uniden HR series replacement. See my website for a way to cooldown the finals:

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2009
EUR 300.00

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