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Drake 1-A
Desktop Shortwave receiver

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My First


This was my very 1st ham radio receiver i ever owned! Only problem with it was i found it in the local news papers and when i went to see it some 12 year old KID owned it and wanted $100.00 for it (believe me this kid was spoiled when i went up to his bedroom the kid had everything mommy and daddy got for him) So being as bad as i wanted the radio i gave in and gave him the $100.00 witch then he just put it in his pocket! I tried to talk him down but he said no as he had other hams coming up to look at it! (maybe it was a sales pitch but it worked) Spoiled BRATT!!! lol anyhow the radio got me going on ham radio as ive been hamming now for 43 years and still going strong! 73 Joe KA1JFB

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 1978
USD 100.00

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