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The ICOM IC-7000 represents the next generation in all-mode HF/VHF/UHF mobile transceivers. DSP at the IF level is the cornerstone of this impressive new multi-bander. In fact, the 7000 employs two DSP chips to work its magic. Imagine having 41 bandwidths available - standard! You can even select sharp or soft filter shape. And variable twin PBT allows you to either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate QRM. All the controls are intuitive to use.

Yes, there is tremendous power under the hood, but the radio is also down-right gorgeous. The 2.5 inch (diagonal) TFT color display presents numbers and indicators in bright, concentrated colors for easy recognition. You can choose from three background colors and two font styles. Not only does this display provide radio status, but it also supports a two-mode band scope. In the Center Mode the scope is centered on the receiving frequency. In the Fixed Mode the scope sweeps a fixed range.

Eight of the most-used radio functions are controlled by dedicated function keys grouped around the display for easy visibility. One quick touch turns the function on and off. A longer touch activates adjustment of the function's setting. An internal memory keyer provides four memories for station information or contest exchanges. The keyer also performs automatic repeat, automatic contest serial numbers and cut-numbers. The Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) function has a front panel REC control that allows you to record incoming signals for up to 25 minutes.

Other features include:
a detachable control head (requires optional separation cable), 503 memories, S/PWR/SWR meter, RIT, Preamp, RTTY Demodulator, Attenuator, adjustable SSB bandwidth, NTSC video output, DTMF memory, VOX, full break-in and adjustable CW pitch.

General characteristics

HAM bands
160m  80m  40m  30m (WARC)  20m  17m (WARC)  15m  12m (WARC)  6m  10m 
Frequency stability
Less than ± 0.5ppm(0 °C (+50°C)
Tuning steps
503 channels in 1 bank(s)


0.03-200 / 400-470 MHz
AM   FM   W-FM   CW   USB   LSB   RTTY   PSK31/63  
AM (10 dB S/N)
0.5-1.8 MHz: 4 µV
1.8-29.9 MHz: 2 µV
50-54 MHz: 1 µV
144/440 MHz: 1 µV
FM (12 dB SINAD)
1.8-29.9 MHz: 0.5 µV
50-54 MHz: 0.25 µV
144/440 MHz: 0.18 µV
SSB/CW (10 dB S/N)
1.8-29.9 MHz: 0.15 µV
50-54 MHz: 0.12 µV
144/440 MHz: 0.11 µV
AM (BW=6 kHz)
>6 kHz (-6 dB), <15 kHz (-60 dB)
FM (BW=15 kHz)
>12 kHz (-6 dB), <20 kHz (-60 dB)
SSB (BW=2.4 kHz)
>2.4 kHz (-6 dB), <3.9 kHz (-60 dB)
**CW (BW=500 Hz)
Receiver system
Image rejection
HF: >70 dB 50/144/440 MHz: >65 dB
Audio output


10-160 m + WARC / 6 m / 2 m / 70 cm
AM   FM   CW   USB   LSB   RTTY   PSK31/63  
FM/SSB/CW/RTTY: 2-100 / 2-100 / 2-50 / 2-35 W, AM: 1-40 / 1-40 / 2-20 / 2-14 W


50 Ω


Power requirements
13.8V DC
Current drain RX
1.3-1.6 A
22 A max


Dimensions (w×h×d)
167 × 58 × 180 mm (6.57 × 2.28 × 7.09 in)
2.30 kg (5.1 lbs)
Form factor
Between 2005 and 200x

Other features

Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
2" (5 cm) TFT display
Audio equalizer
Built-in voice synthesizer
Detachable control head
VHF channels NTSC-M and PAL-B TV receiver on some versions
Voice recorder
RigReference ID

Manuals, diagrams and brochures

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Icom IC 7000 10 years ago by deactivated user

New and second-hand prices

Estimating the value of a rig can be challenging. We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the value of a used ICOM IC-7000. Just bought or sold this model? Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators!

Based on historic data, today's second-hand price of the ICOM IC-7000 is around:

  • EUR 184.00 ~ EUR 286.00
  • USD 955.00 ~ USD 716.00
  • CAD 998.00
  • GBP 631.00 ~ GBP 175.00

Price History Chart

These estimates are based on the following prices:

Year Historic price Condition Submitted by
2024 CAD 1000.00 Used / Good Cathy Johnson
2020 USD 750.00 Used / Good Jeremy
2020 EUR 300.00 Used / Mint Augusto
2020 USD 1000.00 Used / Good Jim M.
2019 GBP 700.00 Used / Good John

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