Etón E10 reviews

Full featured AM SWL mini portable.


A friend of mine found a bunch of these portables going on sale for $80.00 each on ebay in 2008 and was going to buy a couple of them for himself and asked me if I wanted to be included with this on his order. I ordered two as well, and didn't regret it. An AM only portable in SWL, but a good performer on medium wave AM and FM as well. The other radio I bought for my cousin so that he could hear Buffalo Sabres hockey games from Buffalo's 550AM WGR in a Burger King that he manages. It does it well, from what he tells me. This radio does indeed have some good ears on it. Just on it's telescopic whip antenna it heard the CW taps (Being this is an AM only radio.), from the 22M "GNK" beacon on 13.564MHz from Madison, WI that claims 4 milliwatts TX, and I could hear it with this portable in West Virginia. Nice features in this radio include a large 5 segment RF signal strength meter, a three step RF IN attenuator, a fine-tune trimmer capacitor for the whip antenna, WIDE / Narrow bandwidth, (But drops the sensitivity a lot in WIDE mode.) Hi / LO tone switch. Pleasant audio from the 3" speaker, with FM stereo via 1/8" headphone jack. EXT Antenna jack is 1/8" plug. Keypad frequency entry is nice. Memories are about 200 in separate banks, and A / B VFO, (Rare for a portable.), and large LCD screen that has back lighting from amber LED's, but keypad not lit. Can take either Ni-MH rechargeable, or alkaline batteries, but there's a set-up procedure to for that. Very few minuses are, not SSB, no Long Wave coverage, clock time drifts and not accurate, memory programming a bit cumbersome (Keep that manual handy!), and come coated with that Chinese rubbery casing that turns gooey in a couple of years. But, if you want a full featured AM only portable that makes for a great travel radio, still a great buy for around $75.00.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2008
USD 80.00

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