Help build tries to gather specifications of as many amateur radio rigs as possible. Finding, entering and validating all this data is a lot of work. That's why we're looking for collaborators; people who know what they're talking about and are willing to invest a little time into making this site better.

What is a collaborator?

A collaborator is someone who knows a lot about a particular brand or brands, and/or someone who is just enthusiastic about those brands. A collaborator is also someone willing a invest a little time and effort into making this site just a little better. Collaborators are linked to one or more brands or manufacturers.

What would you do?

As a collaborator you would check and update specs, add new rigs, find missing pictures, upload manuals and documents and make suggestions on how to improve the site.

Are you interested?

Great! We'd love to have you onboard. Follow these steps to get involved:


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