Azden PCS-6000 reviews

PCS6000 a low-water mark for user-friendliness


I got a PCS6000H (high power option) new in 1990. As far as the hardware, it's proven to be rugged and reliable, and after 20 years only needs to have the touchtone pad frequencies adjusted.

However, the so-called programming interface in this radio is the most user-unfriendly interface I have ever seen, INCLUDING punched cards.

Add to that -- the user manual included a poor excuse for a programming guide that was wholly inadequate and useless. In Azden's defense, they also included a "quick start guide" that was also useless, but between the two, there was sufficient information given to allow a sophisticated user to find where to start programming frequencies.

I even actually managed to program in a CTCSS tone once, but not without programming in each tone in sequence until I found the tone that the repeater was using. Because Azden neglected to include a chart of CTCSS tones that cross-referenced frequencies to the number you had to program into the rig.

Aside from all that -- the hardware is good. I'd buy a rig with the same features at the same price again, but NEVER with such a lousy programming interface.


Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1990
USD 270.00

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