Clegg 22'er FM reviews

Clegg 22'er FM DE KG5N


Purchased Oct 2019. Transmitter (4 tubes) working and receiver (solid state) unknown for $40. There are two versions of this radio where one covers the entire 2 meter band (series 24) and the other the top two MHz. I have the series 25 covering 146-148 MHz. A weekend of troubleshooting yielded a fully functional radio. On the air audio reports were favorable with a strong 28 watt transmitter output. I notice some internet info claiming a 60 watt output but not true. That is the input power to the final transmitter tube not the output. Receive audio also excellent and much richer than many of the new imported radios. User manual is useful if you are not familiar with tuning a tube based transmitter to an antenna.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2019
USD 40.00

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