Clegg FM-27B reviews

Fun Old-Tyme Radio once you figure it out!


The Clegg FM-27B is pretty neat and fun rig to use once you figure out how to use it. You dial in your receive frequeny with the switches for 0.1MHz and a rotary dial for the next .01MHz of frequency. When you get your signal, you zero it on the meter. Dial in your transmit frequency as close as you can, then pull out the volume knob and zero your signal - then push the knob in and you're ready to talk. This radio has a very LOUD receive amplifier - at least 2 watts of audio that will blow your eardrums out! I've had good audio reports on simplex too. No PL, but you can use a handheld tone dialer to enter repeater codes to allow you in without PL. It covers 146MHz to 148MHz, so you don't get the low portion, but I never go there anyhow. I've had others report spurs, but I haven't noticed any on mine. Sensitive receiver. Built like a tank with steel and alumuinum everywhere. Only parts to go bad are switch knobs, easily replaced, and required a blast of cleaner inside the VOL and SQL controls to get rid of scratchiness. Nice rig - makes you feel like your actually 'operating' a radio - kind of like having a stick shift in a car. If you can buy one for less then $50, I'd pick it up if you like to actually be a 'radio operator'. I wouldn't use it mobile, but at home on a power supply. Great first rig to teach youngsters about repeater offsets, etc. Only thing I can't figure out is why I have a 4-position switch for the 146/147 MHz selection instead of a two position? Enjoy and 73's.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2010
USD 55.00

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