Hallicrafters SX-99 reviews

SX-99 Basic Receiver


My SX-99 was a true basket case from the barn for unknown years, it arrived with no S-Meter, a triple triode (6D10) installed in place of the RF Amplifier/Local Oscillator, missing knobs and a broken Crystal Switch.

Complete cleaning of the chassis as it was covered in a tar like substance, replacing all paper capacitors, removing the 6D10 and returning the circuit to the original design, a fellow Ham donating an S-Meter and Crystal Switch from a donor radio, plus finding original knobs at Hamfest, repainting the cabinet and replacing the glass in front of the two dials, returned the radio to near new looking condition.

It does receive on all four (4) bands after alignment with Band-4 being the weakest.

At best it is a very basic receiver, designed for AM reception but will copy SSB with the BFO turned on an patient tuning.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Poor condition in 2011
USD 1.00

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