Hammarlund HQ-140X reviews

best ban scanning reciever


so i have owned many shortwave receivers this one was an absolute pleasure to use. The tuning is silky smooth with some weight behind the nob. This is the kind for receiver you can do a quick band scan and go back and hone in on that station barley reachable. Crystal selectivy makes picking things out of the nose very easy. i owned this radio from the early 1070's though 1980 and wish i had never sold it. it does lack true ssb but easily copy ssb using the bfo. The audio quality on this receiver is noting short of amazing. mine lacked a bit in the higher frequencies, so not giving this a perfect 5. but an all around great receiver for listening to those foreign broadcast stations and for ham bands.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2016
USD 200.00

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