Hammarlund HQ-215 reviews

Like a Collins Receiver


I purchased receiver new from DeMambro Radio in Boston $595.00 including adding a Viking Valiant II & SX-101A in the cash. Added all mechanical filters (Collins) and extra tuning crystals -brought price up to $800.00 back then! Receiver stable as hell great, band spread, etc. Terrific sensitivity - very sharp on ssb and cw. Used with G5RV as well as all band vertical. Had receiver from April 1, 1969 - April 1, 1991 with flawless performance. Wish I kept it. If you find it used and good condition with the filters (I had the Collins type with the receiver as stated) then I would recommend purchasing it.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1969
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