Harvey-Wells TBS-50D (Bandmaster Deluxe) reviews

Excellent solid stable transmitter


My Dad n Mother bought me this rig in 1954 from Uncle Dave's Radio Shack a distributor I believe somewhere in NE. Maybe MA or NY. I have used it all my life & was last on the air in 1977 as K2BWL. Worked CW & QSO n had a wall of QSL cards on my wall from the proudest being from NZ when I was a teenager. A local ham in my small town of Andover NY Phil Hackett W2TPN taught me license requirements. The H-W still works today & enjoyed being selected often above stronger rigs when answering CQ. It was years later I did replace the 807 although probably had no reason to change. I've had several xmitters over the yrs now some 60+yrs & the H-W is the best. My rig included the H-W power supply a HealthKit VFO & military TU tuner modified for all the bands on the 50-D. Great solid & dependable to this day

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1954
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