Kenwood TM-431E reviews

Great single band UHF work horse!


I bought this rig around early 1994, and the guys from around Buffalo, NY hardly used it, and sold it to me for about $400.00. Nice rig! As good as its 2M and 222MHz cousins. Easy to operate, great audio reports, great RX ears on it, and never heard IMD on it. Only MOD's done to it were to replace the Li Battery and that early '90's Kenwood teardrop style mic with the newer MC-57 DTMF mic, which is a better upgrade since that mic is backlit. I hope to keep this rig for years to come. Yeah, I may have paid more than I should for a used single band rig, even in 1994, but I don't regret it as it continues to still serve me well when I need it. The next MOD to it would be to replace the display wheat bulbs with 3mm white LED's, like I have with other Kenwood rigs like the TM-741A and TM-241A.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 1993
USD 400.00

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