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Fire Station to Weather Satellites


I found mine in a thrift store in late 2000. Thick layer of dust on top. I tested it in store and within seconds the squelch opened on a local fire dispatch frequency. I bought it for $7.
When I opened it up, I found no dust, no noisy volume or squelch pots, no corrosion, and no bad caps. (This 29 year old rig had been built in 1971 with discrete parts.) Searched online for manuals and found owner's and service manuals (free). After reading the manuals, I realized it could work weather satellite frequencies, but the band pass filter needed to be shifted down to 137.5 MHz. I ordered crystals for the weather satellite frequencies and while waiting for delivery I began the mods. I replaced the fixed capacitor on the input transformer with a small variable, changed the 10.7 MHz I.F. filter to one with a 40 KHz bandwidth, replaced the 455 KHz resonator designed for 5 KHz audio with a wider 20 KHz unit. The automotive type antenna jack was replaced with a BNC. After installing the crystals, the rig was given a complete alignment.
I cobbled up a "crossed-dipole with reflectors" antenna out of PVC pipe fittings and junk box wire and cable scraps. This was hose clamped to a roof top vent pipe and 50 feet of RG-58 went to the shack.
After a couple of attempts, a good signal was received, and my first satellite picture was captured.
Today, (December 2018), I still have the rig and it is still functional at 47 years. I live in an apartment now, so occasionally I pull it out of storage, plug it in and let it scan to keep the electrolytic caps in shape.
If you find one in good shape, it is a keeper.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2000
USD 7.00

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