RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2024 reviews

Top quality scanner


I bought this new in 1992. Still using it about 12 hours a day in 2012. If your local Fire/Police are still using conventional analog radio, then this is the scanner to use. I have eight other scanners (all newer than the 2024), and yet I use my 2024 as my primary scanner. WHY - because the sound quality is OUTSTANDING. Sensitivity is very good (I currently am located in town and the unit antenna is more than enough - previously I lived about 35 miles out of San Diego in the hills, and I used an external antenna to improve reception. Over the last 20years I have had a BLAST listening to this scanner.
If you can pick one up on the cheap - then DO IT. (New in 1992 it was about $149).

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1992
USD 149.00

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