RadioShack / Realistic Pro-9 reviews

Excellent scanner


First real scanner radio I got as a kid in 1973. Still have it Excellent performer. Very good sensitivity. 7 crystal controlled channels, the 8th channel is tunable and can be scanned or locked out. Priority channel can be selected to be any of the 8 by a front panel control knob. Excellent tuner, extremely stable. Has a crystal filter for very good single-channel pick up/adjacent channel rejection, and the tuner stayed inside its pass band. Excellent squelch action. Great audio from side speaker. Excellent mobile scanner on the crystals. Great radio, especially the tunable part.

The radio got me arrested in Marion County, Indiana in 1973 at age 16. They took me downtown and put me in a Conference Room overlooking the Communications Center. Oh!, hurt me some more!! In 2018, found an old 1970's Motorola mobile with a "Marion County Sheriff's Office" property tag on it! Could that have been the radio they called in my arrest on??

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1973
USD 99.00

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