Ten-Tec Triton I reviews

Ten Tec Triton I

Rick Ching

This radio was bought around 1976-1977 from a local ham store on Oahu. At that time it was the only solid state radio on the market. I modified the dial with a floating spacer and screw to turn it faster.. its missing in the picture but you can still see the hole in the dial.. Made many HF contacts at 50w output. Matching regulated power supply kept the radio pretty stable on transmit. A General Electric Portamobile microphone was used on it.. The owners manual included detailed circuitry for each board at component level. I repaired it once easily. During that Era there was no PLL or digital meter for frequency, you had marker oscillator to calibrate frequency on it. The vernier tuning dial was not true frequency accuracy as you tuned away from a marker but it kept you in the ham band fairly close to where you wanted to be. To date although lacking the thrills of DSP, split vfo etc it was a fun radio to get on HF with.. KH7O

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1977
USD 600.00

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