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RME 6900
Desktop Shortwave receiver

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RME 6900 Nice Receiver


I came into this Radio by way of trade for some
other equipment.(In Other words, I got it for Nothing) It only needed some cleaning up as the radio still played very well. It had been in storage at a Local T.V. Shop (Previous Owner)
so it was well cared for...and used very little if at all. (Your Basic Time capsule Radio)

Some notes: It has Rugged construction, Smooth Main tuning, smooth Band change switch. Styling is a bit strange, almost alien like, when compared to other radios of its era. At a glance it is very similiar to a Collins 75-A4. I wouldn't be surprised if this was made as a "knock-off" version. The Rf gain gets a little sensitive at Maximum. But that would be my only downgrade. Serial number on it is #181 Pretty early # so it was probably made in Late 1959.


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