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Kenwood TL-922
Desktop Shortwave Linear Amplifier

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I like to think that when I improve on the design of an amplifier, the increased gain is totally the result of my efforts. Well……that’s just my ego talking. Sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. Such is the case with my Kenwood TL-922A. This improved amplifier is now capable of maximum-legal-output plus on all bands. In fact, I only hit it with 60 Watts drive on 10 meters. It has a tested maximum output of 2250 Watts on 80 meters; with 100 Watts drive.

To be fair, I believe most of this unexpected gain is from improvements in the recent batch of Taylor tubes. My latest pair of Taylor 3-500ZGs has a manufacturing date code of 12th week / 2020. The new Taylors are physically much different from the Taylors that I purchased in 2017. I noticed immediately that the glass envelopes were thicker, and they were sporting new white porcelain pin stiffeners.

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Good condition in 2020
USD 1000.00

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