Tecsun PL747 reviews

Tecsun PL747
Portable HF/VHF Receiver

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super radio


very good radio i still have it almost 18 years by now it have dropped down to floor, few times, accidentally crash at doors etc, still works ... small but clear & loud ... simpla radio, not much features, it does not have the frequency steps like other tecsun radios (example 1 step at mw band, so is fixed to 9 khz) but that was way cheapest at time of the other tecsun models ... very good with sensitivity at all bands, i am very pleased, it performs as good like 100+ euros branded radios ... mainly still using it for dx am band with its own build in antenna

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2005
GBP 30.00

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