RadioShack / Realistic TRC-57 Navaho reviews

Great 23CH rig for its time, but not made to last.


A lot of my early CB friends had this rig, and they did perform. That early 1975 LED digital clock was a nice novelty, and most likely is what would still work on this rig. Unfortunately, the PLL circuity was very prone to failure to where you'd end up with a dead radio. Too bad too, since I like the overall features, performance, and layout, of this rig. The last one that I came across in 2008, actually had 1/2 the 23 channels working. That went to a friend of mine whom really wanted it still. But, while I had it, it was still good to remember how good this rig performed from the late 1970's.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 2008
USD 50.00

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