Uniden-Bearcat 980SSB reviews

More show, than go. Display washes-out in daylight.


The old saying is that you'll get what you pay for. A brand-new SSB CB rig, for $120.00USD, may seem like a nice deal, and it maybe, depending upon what you want to use it for. Do not expect a Turbo-Charger performance in this rig on the transmit side. Legal FCC Limits are what you'll pretty much expect and MAX-OUT to, and maybe 1/2W more. Modulation is about 60% MAX with stock mic, but can shine to 80% with an Astatic D-104-M6B power mic. SSB may peak-out to 14W, but pretty much stays within the rated 12W PEP. The display just washes-out in daylight. Even on a cloudy day, I find it hard to see, even on the highest display Brightness and Contrast settings. At night, or indoors, it's nice to have. The pluses for this rig??? Dead-nuts stays on frequency in SSB, both TX / RX. They take one function that HAM rig use with the microphones. You do not need to have the mic connected to hear receive audio, like you do with just about any other standard CB for the last 50 years. That said, the 6-Pin connector is an oddball, but can be bought to modify and work with your favorite mic. You can even use the 8VDC power pin to power your 9VDC power mics, like I did the the earlier Astatic mic. However, I'd advise you to add an extra 100 Ohm resistor in series with that, in case of accidental shorts. TX / RX audio is indeed crisp and clean. However, I find that the receive audio noise floor is about two as loud, with ANL and NB off, than like a Uniden Grant, or Cobra 148GTL.. Too noisy, even with those functions ON, to take-out my noise on a 2006 Ford Ranger. The Chinese-Made 148GTL CB does way better here. And, I can see that display, even with the LOW setting on. So, because of display daylight washes-out, and the ability to not reduce noise in my running vehicle, I do not recommend this rig for mobile use. That said, I've found it to be better as a base rig. Use a 4A, 13.8VDC, linear power supply, a decent speaker, and your favorite mic, and it's a nice back-up base rig, or perfect for the hunting cabin, or a stationary RV. As a gift, to start someone in CB radio, as a base, this would be an ideal rig for that. However, for mobile use, I would recommend a well tuned Uniden Grant, or Cobra 148GTL. They are proven performers, for on the road, so Uniden, with the 980SSB, didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, here. This also shows that newer isn't always better, especially in CB tech. Oh... One more thing. That accompanying stock mic definitely sounds better with that rubber noise-cancelling disc taken out.

Build quality
User friendliness
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Mint condition in 2019
USD 120.00

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