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The Bearcat BC-346XT features third generation TrunkTracking III technology supporting Motorola Systems Type I, II, II/I (hybrid), EDACS Systems FM, NFM, and SCAT plus LTR Systems. The BC346T has many innovative features including Uniden’s exclusive Close Call™ RF Capture Technology and there is EDACS ESK support. The BC346XT uses a dynamically allocated memory system, allowing the user to program up to 9000 channels. While traditional scanners have been limited to only ten banks, the BC346XT groups channels into systems, allowing for up to 500 systems to be programmed and scanned simultaneously. Systems can still be quickly enabled or disabled using the 0-9 keys, and each system can have up to 10 groups of channels that are also available for quick selection. Uniden’s exclusive Close Call™ RF Capture Technology zeroes in on nearby transmissions without the need for programming, even when the BC346XT is in other modes, scanning, searching or holding on a frequency. For example, if someone transmits within a few hundred feet (range depends on transmit power and other radio traffic in the area), the scanner immediately detects and tunes to the transmission, ideal for use at events when the frequency being used is unknown. And frequency coverage is great. You get VHF low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF, 800 MHz Public Service (less cellular) and even the 1.24-1.3 GHz amateur radio ham band.

General characteristics

HAM bands
Frequency stability
Tuning steps
5 to 100 kHz
9000 channels in 500 bank(s) @ 100 channels/second


25-225 / 400-512 / 806-824 / 850-869 / 895-960 / 1240-1300 MHz
AM   FM   N-FM   W-FM  
0.4μV 25–27.995 MHz AM
0.3μV 28–53.98 MHz N-FM
0.5μV 54–71.95 MHz W-FM
0.2μV 72–75.995 MHz FM
0.4μV 76–107.9 MHz FM-B
0.3μV 108–136.9916 MHz AM
0.3μV 137–173.9875 MHz N-FM
0.5μV 174–215.95 MHz W-FM
0.3μV 216–224.98 MHz N-FM
0.3μV 400–512 MHz N-FM
0.4μV 806–960 MHz N-FM
0.5μV 1240–1300 MHz N-FM
Receiver system
Triple conversion superheterodyne
1st: 380.7 to 380.8 MHz
2nd: 10.8 MHz
3rd: 450 kHz
Image rejection
Audio output
320 mW, 8 ohm


50 Ω


Power requirements
3V DC (3×AA), 12V DC external
Current drain RX
500 mA


Dimensions (w×h×d)
61 × 136 × 31 mm (2.40 × 5.35 × 1.22 in)
168 gr (5.9 oz)
Form factor
Between 2004 and 20xx

Other features

Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
GPS connectivity
PC programmable
Trunktracker III, tracks Motorola Systems: Type I, II, II/I (hybrid), EDACS Systems (FM, NFM, and SCAT), LTR Systems
Turbo-search (300 chn/sec)
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