MFJ 9406 reviews

MFJ 9406
Mobile 6m Transceiver

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A very fun radio to operate. Great for portable operating.


A one show pony, and it does it well. Great, perky, processed, audio really punches through those piles-ups, even with only 9.8W PEP! RX is very narrow, but very sensitive. Biggest gripes were the DIN socket for the mic, (Like what Radio Shack and GE CB's used.), and the rig would very badly drift with use. The drifting can be reduced by drilling several holes in the rig's right side and mounting a 2" muffin fan to it blowing out. (Yeah, it looked weird, but I didn't buy this rig for looks.) No back light on the meter, but it's easy to drop behind it a white LED and a 1.5K-Ohm resistor for that. Very low power consumption, like .25A on RX and a 2A power supply works well with this rig on TX. So, an ideal rig for portable and mobile use. I wish that I still had this rig.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 1994
USD 350.00

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