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You can look me up on QRZ or Ham QTH. I changed my call sign from KD4QHG to KC4V back in June of 2018. The Yaesu FT-767 I mentioned on my post of radios I haven't owned since the 1990's. I had a Kenwood TS-430's which just died because of long use and old age. According to the serial number it was manufactured in 1984 and I used it till 2016. I have a Kenwood TS-2000 that at the time of writing this has been in the hands of Mark Conners (N3VPD) who repairs radios (if you want to call it that). I sent this radio to his father Roy Conners 1st. who formerly owned K3TEN Electronics. He use to advertise in QST magazine up until the ARRL said he was no longer allowed to because of his bad business practice. He takes to long to repair equipment and thats if he repairs anything at all. He refuses to contact people and sometimes goes as far as blocking your telephone number so he wont have to deal with you. As of March 2018 he has given up the business and his son Mark Conners has supposedly taken over the business. Mark Conners is worse then his father. The state of New Jersey State Attorney's office of consumer affairs has multiple complaints stacked against him and his father along with the local consumer affairs of Cape May Court House in the county where Roy Conners lives. ...My advice, and I bet I can speak for many others...DO NOT SEND ANY RADIO EQUIPMENT TO THEM FOR REPAIR!.....Good luck to all!...KC4V!